Rare Coins

If you’ve been collecting coins for the period of time I am sure you run across an old coin or two. Probably a turn of the century quarter, or perhaps an earlier penny. And I am sure you have added that coin into the huge collection… Taking into consideration it to be a unusual coin.

Well, We have news for you! That coin just might not be a rare coin. Truth is, simply because a coin is old does not mean that it’s unusual.

Case and point, if you had an 1820 half cent in your coin collection the coin can be worth (in circulated condition) just around $15. At this point, some people would expect to get hundreds of from that coin Simply because it’s old.

But truthfully it’s not really that uncommon. Actually, the 1831 and 1836 half cent is a lot more of a uncommon coin compared to the 1820 half cent, and they’d only fetch around $50 in circulated situation.

Why am I making this point? Basically to demonstrate that a coin’s age has nothing to do with whether it’s a rare coin or not. Fact is, we now have many present day uncommon coins, as well!

A sample will be the 2008-W American Silver Eagle. But not just any American Eagle… This American Silver Eagle was minted at West Point and was struck with the 2007 obverse. There are only around 47,000 of these coins produced… Making it a rare and sought after silver coin.

It can easily have to have a premium of $415 or even more! And this is just an example.

But where could you buy some rare coins? You can search for a local gold coin and silver coin seller; you should check out some coin sales; you may also look at this very website!

We have a huge collection of PCGS certified coins, NGC certified coins, and ANACS certified coins, bullion coins and all several other rare coins. In fact, we have coins to complement everyone’s budget – big or small.

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