What is Bullion Coins?

Gold and silver prices are reaching new highs! Five years ago the price of gold was around $600 for every troy ounce. Nowadays the price of gold is a bit over $1,500 for each troy ounce. Is the horizon to the soaring gold price near? Professionals do not believe so.

Gold is expected to arrive at over $3,500 per troy ounce from the year 2016. That’s just five brief years from today! Therefore, what are you doing to capitalize on this new “gold rush”?

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Surprisingly, there was a time in our short American history when everyone owned vast amounts of precious metals such as silver and gold. Currency was either minted from treasured alloys to create legal tender coins, or paper certificates that were backed by silver or gold were imprinted.

Consequently, whenever you had a pocket full of nickels and dimes or a $100 bill… You really owned some treasured and useful metal. It would be a time when you knew exactly what your dollars were well worth.

Nevertheless those days are over. Our coinage today is minted from affordable alloys, but nevertheless retain the exact same face value. Our paper notes aren’t certificates supported by silver or gold… But notes backed by public and private debt.

Today our US dollar is dropping in international buying power, and the fast rise of silver and gold present this to be a reality. Still, the US dollar is the international currency employed by the majority of all worldwide trades.

Yes, our dollar is falling some, however so might be the other currencies around the globe.

The solution? Invest into some silver or gold bullion. If prices of gold and silver go on to increase since the experts forecast (and their forecasts continue to be verified correct modern times), then, you ought to get near a 100% return within just five years. For instance, make investments $100 in gold bullion right now, and then in 5 years you may offer it for $200.

But how are you able to commit into precious metals? Easy. Buy gold, silver, platinum or palladium bullion.

Bullion can be bought in bars or coins. And the weights can vary. Generally you can buy bars in one ounce, five ounces, 10 ounces, and all the way up to several hundred ounces. It’s only limited by the budget.

And yet imagine if you’re funds are extremely low? You may invest into some numismatic bullion coins. These are coins which coin collectors invest in, also to be honest… It’s an easier way to invest into precious metals. Why? Well, it’s more budget friendly And it calls for a premium price above it’s spot precious metal.

You can acquire bullion coins in lots of distinct weights… Weights that could meet your spending budget: tenth of an ounce, fourth of an ounce, half of an ounce and one troy ounce.

This makes it less difficult on your funds, but still permits you to collect real precious metals, such as gold.

One example is, if gold cost is now $1,500 per troy ounce… And your budget cannot afford one troy ounce in bullion, then, you could buy a one tenth ounce bullion coin. That would be 1/10th the cost of $1,500 and also a small premium. So, about $150 and also a premium for the bullion coin.

And if gold remains out of your budget it’s possible to invest into silver. You can buy a one troy ounce silver bullion coin for about $45 to $50 today. That’s just $10 to $15 above the spot price of silver today! An incredible way to invest into precious metals for the future.

There are many distinct bullion coins you can invest in… Coins that are backed by trustworthy governments. Here are few:

Palladium Maples

Gold Eagles

American Silver Eagles

Canadian Silver & Gold Maple Leaves

Chinese Silver Panda

Gold Buffalo

Platinum Eagles

Austrian Korona

and so many many more!

So, if you are looking to get into some precious metals like silver and gold… Look no more than bullion coins! They are great little pieces of art which can demand a premium when you are willing to market, and they could be passed down from generation to generation without losing it’s innate worth.

Thank you very much for reading my article. I hope you had a great time reading my post about bullion. If you want to learn more about coin collecting, feel free to visit our website. Click here.

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