Tips for Buying Long-Term Care Insurance

Tips for LTC Insurance

These are some interesting tips for people who own or are thinking of buying Long-Term Care Insurance.

The only thing I will stress and disagree with is……..This is not expensive insurance. First of all if you compare the cost of the insurance versus the cost of care in the future or even today, the total cost of insurance would be a year or less than the amount you would have spent on your care.

Also, you should pay for it annually. Everyone talks about how much the monthly premiums are. I don’t want to affect my client’s lifestyle by adding to their monthly expenses. I want to protect their lifestyle. So, I get most of them to pay annually out of an asset. Protect not affect lifestyle…..I like that!!

Here is the article. Check it out.

Eight Reasons to Review Your Life Insurance

Eight reasons to review your life insurance

There is a great article on 8 reasons why you should review your life insurance. Life changes constantly you may need more or you may need less. One thing is for sure. If you have people counting on you, you need life insurance.

Go to the link below to read the eight reasons.

Living Benefits Life Insurance

Life insurance with Living Benefits

Life insurance with Living Benefits is probably the best buy in insurance that I have seen in the 30 years I have been in the business. You can buy term for 10, 20, up to 40 years that includes Living Benefits.

You can buy Indexed Universal Life that guarantees a minimum rate of return or at least “0” so you cannot lose your money plus it includes the Living Benefits.

Living Benefits are: Critical Illness, Chronic Illness, and Terminal illness. So if you have a heart attack, stroke or cancer you can actually get paid a big sum of money from your policy to help with treatments, bills, or go on vacation. Chronic is for Home care or Nursing Home Care, and Terminal is exactly what it sounds like.

How many people have life insurance for years then one day they are diagnosed with some form of cancer and they have to take an extended leave from work? I would bet that $80,000 or $100,000 or more would come in handy right about then. These living benefits will pay for that. Amazing, life insurance that you don’t have to die to use. Truly is Life Insurance.

Oh yeah, another small bonus….You can set it up to take a guaranteed retirement income out of it tax free!!!

Now that’s a product.

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Long-Term Care Insurance-Not as expensive as you might think

Long-Term Care Insurance – not as expensive as you might think.

Here is a great article that shows how it is not as expensive as you think especially compared to what you may potentially receive back from your policy.

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Even Short Stays in a Nursing Home can be financially devastating

Even Short Stays are expensive

I have been saying it for years, so have many more people in the industry. The best option to pay for Long-Term Care services is a Long-Term Care insurance policy. The Government cannot afford it and if we keep insisting that they do our taxes will have to go way up to pay for it.

Take care of yourself and your family. Don’t let the Government pay for your care. You won’t be happy with their decisions.

Read about how even a Short stay in a nursing home can destroy years of savings.

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